Saturday, January 23, 2010

Talking Animation at Kinokuniya

Thanks to everyone who came out to Winter Anime Day today! It was a lot of fun answering questions about animation.

Special thanks to fellow panelists, Veronica Taylor and Misako Rocks, John Fuller from Kinokuniya, and Peter Tatara from NYAF!

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Mayshing said...

Hello Otis,
Thank you for stopping by David Levy's class Monday, March 22nd to speak to us with so many tips. :D
I appreciate how confident you are in the biz that you are willing to share your tips and tricks with all of us generously.

I aspire to be a storyboard artist as well as going into layout directions. Currently I really need to work on my structure stuff, though i am fairly confident with my organic landscapes.

I will e-mail you with some updates to my work later, I would love some feedback when you got the time. :)