Monday, March 9, 2009

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Most of my work is for hire, but recently, I have been asked by a few friends and family to produce animated e-card invites for their babies' birthdays. I love it!!! My first assignment was for a one-year-old boy, Kai. He needed a 'Tol' theme.

'Tol' has two meanings in Korean; the most common meaning is a child's first birthday. It can also be used as a generic description for birthdays: Chut-tol (first birthday), Du-tol (second birthday), Seo-tol (third birthday), etc. My second assignment was for a two-year-old girl (too cute) named Brooke. (Side note: I'm predicting my next baby e-card will be for a three-year-old. LOL.) Anyhow, these were a lot of fun to do!

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