Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Situation (Y): Main characters

SID ( 1 ), BARRY ( 3 ) , AND JEN ( 5 )


Scott said...

I am Scott Zincone and I lived in Richmond, Virginia from birth to 1987. I saw your name listed in the credits of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle episode (my 4 yr old was watching it). I remembered going to Trevett Elementary School with someone who had the same name. I figured you might be the same person.
I have a memory of you being able to draw really good at a very young age. It is great to see you have turned that talent into a career.

I also went to Brookland Middle and Hermitage High School.

Adrian Barrios said...

Wow - That Cat has a sharp memory! He remembers you man! - its cool being the shit in high school i guess, people remember you. Anyway - Great Stuff dude- keep em coming i cant wait to see the animated Situation Y!